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November 13, 2024


Business Growth Starts with Great Information

Forecast Provides the Most Accurate, Up-to-the-Second Data and Trends to Enable You to Plan for the Coming Year.

This conference gathers the smartest minds in broadcast and advertising to forecast trends, expectations, and revenues for the coming year. It is a must-attend event.

Prospects for Broadcast Media as an Investment in 2024: The Real Street Talk

The Fed has raised interest rates more than a point since Forecast 2023. Meanwhile, an ever-expanding list of digital and non-linear platforms competes with broadcast media in the battle for eyes and ears. Our panel takes a hard, pragmatic look at what investors think about radio and TV today. You may not like what you hear, but you need to hear it. Join us at Forecast 2024 for what promises to be a provocative discussion.

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The End of the World as We Know It

Newly added! In the new age of nontraditional, code-cracking marketing and AI, Jeff Charney, heralded two-time CMO of the Year (formerly at Progressive) and now founder of the game-changing MKHSTRY, will transport you through an immersive, rapid-fire conversation/presentation, both in 30 minutes. In conversation with Jeff on the Forecast stage will be the legendary Mike McVay.

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Main Street Media: Where Local Broadcast Survives & Thrives

For independent and small broadcast groups, “local” is more than a buzzword: It’s how they operate. These television and radio broadcasters serve their neighbors with news, information, and entertainment every day of the year.  In this Forecast 2024 session, we hear from leaders of thriving independent broadcast companies and learn their recipe for that “secret sauce” that enables them to be competitive, successful, and innovative in an ever-changing media environment.

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Executive Super Session

Our closing panel at Forecast 2024 features the visionaries and ultimate “deciders” of the broadcasting industry’s future direction. This is your opportunity to hear from those who wield the power to chart the course affecting not only broadcast career paths, but also listening and viewership potential against a host of non-licensed competitors.

What are they thinking, and where do they see broadcasting headed next year and beyond?

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Economic Forecasting: Broadcast Revenue Trends and Expectations for 2024

The buzz around the 2024 elections is hot and getting hotter. Experts predict record spending on political advertising. Interest rates are rising, impacting consumer behavior. What are you doing to navigate these trends and claim your share of advertising dollars?

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Streaming Media and the Rise of the Subscription Economy

Media consumers have more choices than ever before: Broadcast radio and television, cable, satellite, and streaming services all compete for the public’s ears, eyes, and dollars. As a result, a huge subscription economy has emerged that is anticipated to grow from $635B to $1.5T by 2025 (UBS), creating unprecedented challenges and opportunities for our industry. How can radio and television companies take advantage of this exploding revenue stream?

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The Promises and Pitfalls of AI Tech in Broadcasting

Broadcasters are paying close attention to AI as it unleashes exciting new opportunities. AI’s capabilities are immense, but there are also significant concerns regarding copyright infringement, misrepresentation, and identity theft. How can our industry harness the promise and power of AI while avoiding its pitfalls? Forecast 2024’s The Promise and Pitfalls of AI Technology in Broadcasting brings together a panel of broadcast, legal, and technology professionals to explore the ethical considerations surrounding the use of AI tools and services by broadcasters and examine the potential influence of legal factors on the future application of AI

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The News Is the News

The United States has lost over 2,500 newspapers since 2005. Those that remain have endured significant staff layoffs and budget cuts. This makes the work of local radio and television newsrooms even more critical as they cover major weather events, uncover corruption, and advocate for consumers. The challenge?  News is expensive to produce, sometimes accounting for a quarter of a station’s total budget, and broadcasters need ad revenue to meet that budget. Join us at Forecast 2024 for what is sure to be a provocative presentation by Lou Paskalis, CEO and Founder of AJL Advisory and Chief Strategy Officer of Ad Fontes Media.

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Forecast 2024 Co-Chairs Named

Broadcast media’s most prestigious leadership conference, Forecast 2024, is pleased to announce the conference chairs. Radio Chair will be David Santrella, CEO of Salem Media Group, and Catherine Badalamente, President/CEO of Graham Media Group, will serve as Television Chair.

The 21st annual Forecast, presented by Radio Ink and Radio +  Television Business Report, will be held at the Harvard Club in New York City on November 15, 2023.

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The Reviews Are In For Forecast 2023

Radio Ink and Radio + Television Business Report’s Forecast 2023 is now in the books. The annual financial event held at the Harvard Club in New York City was standing room only and boasted the largest number of sponsors in the 20-year history of the event. Here’s what attendees had to say about the conference.

“Many thanks to Deborah Parenti and the entire team at Radio Ink magazine for presenting yet another insightful, impactful, and forward-leaning conference on behalf of the radio and television industry.”
Caroline Beasley
Beasley Media Group

“Forecast 2023 exceeded my expectations for high-level, engaging information and conversation. It remains a must–attend event for broadcasting executives.”
Chesley Maddox-Dorsey
American Urban Radio Networks

“This year’s Forecast was such a great event. I knew going in there would be strong content, but it far exceeded my expectations. And, despite the challenges the economy is presenting, the day was filled with strategic ideas on how to adapt and succeed in 2023.”
Steve Newberry

“The undisputed premier industry event. A decade into our relationship, Forecast continues to be a high-yield, tentpole sponsorship opportunity for Nielsen. Proud to continue our participation.”
Brad Kelly

“The Forecast 2023 conference provided the broadcast industry with a good look into growth opportunities in 2023. The panels and discussions were thorough and offered thought-provoking discussions.”
Deb McDermott
Standard Media

“The Forecast conference allows me to hear from — and interact with — industry leaders. It is thought provoking, and it helps me strategically guide our company for the year ahead.”
Brian Lilly
Lilly Broadcasting

“Having and attending this annual Forecast conference is vital to broadcasters who wish to have continued success as a leader in the media world! The open forum environment, varied opinions, and different strategic outlooks from thought and industry leaders is second to none.”

DuJuan McCoy
Circle City Broadcasting

“Forecast 2023 was another affirmation of the current and future strength of local broadcasting. The combination of localism, reach and innovation by local television and radio broadcasters is an unmatched value proposition and was fully illuminated by all the attendees. I was proud to co-chair the event with [iHeartMedia Multiplatform Group CEO] Greg Ashlock.”
Jordan Wertlieb
Hearst Television

“The comments from those who drive revenue and locate money for media were clearly positive about the business. The opportunity to be in a room with many of the brightest minds and greatest influencers in our industry made the entire event a ‘must-attend’ for me. The sessions were informative, and very entertaining. The fact that it was acknowledged that talent sell products really resonated with me. I also enjoyed seeing many of my friends and making some new ones.”
Heather Cohen
The Weiss Agency

“As always, Forecast is a day not to be missed. The one place to hear diverse, unfiltered opinions on where the industry is and where it’s going.”
Scott Herman
Broadcasters Foundation of

“I thought last year was impressive! From the panel topics to the lineup of power players, this year’s event was truly a showstopper. Bravo to Deb and her team.”
Julie Huddy
Radio & Television Host

“Forecast provided perspectives from both inside and outside of our business. Where we are going in 2023 and beyond and some insights on revenue predictions to plan forward. Great to hear from success and why it works.”
John David
Former NAB VP/Radio

“Overall, this conference was packed with lots of actionable “takeaway” information. I was most taken with the accessibility of NAB CEO Curtis Legeyt, who said, ‘This is an industry that needs to succeed.’ He added, ‘The card to play for Washington, DC, is ‘Local and Trusted.’ His comments resonate in a room loaded with decisionmakers.”
Mike McVay
McVay Media Consulting

“Radio Ink’s annual Forecast event has once again laid a solid foundation for what the radio and television broadcast industry leaders can expect to see and experience in the coming year. Many thanks to Deborah Parenti and the entire team for producing yet another outstanding event!”
Heidi Raphael
Chief Communications Officer
Beasley Media Group

A Conversation With Ryan Seacrest and Angela Yee

Gayle Troberman, CMO of iHeartMedia, sits down with entertainer, entrepreneur, and hyper successful radio and TV host Ryan Seacrest and the amazing entrepreneur and broadcast sensation Angela Yee from “The Breakfast Club” and now her newly announced show, “Way Up with Angela Yee,” in a fascinating conversation about how they have built and evolved their brands using broadcast as the foundation at Forecast 2023 . They will discuss how the simple art of live, human conversation can give a brand, a business, or a personality superpowers to succeed at scale, and talk about how to start a real conversation with American consumers that will unlock trust, create cultural relevance, and humanize brands that build audience, fuel influence, and grow revenue.

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Stepping Up to Spur Industry Change with the ANA’s Bob Liodice

Enterprise growth today requires a 360-degree focus on all elements of the business says the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). The ANA’s CMO-endorsed Growth Agenda stands as the beacon of the industry for creating a stronger, more sustainable economic future for all brands and the people they serve. ANA CEO Bob Liodice joins Forecast 2023 to present “Driving the Industry’s Growth Agenda.”

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Visions of the Future at Forecast 2023

Respected ad trend expert Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates, joins Forecast 2023 for an exclusive conversation with four of the top radio and television executives on November 16. Our esteemed group of panelists includes Greg Ashlock, CEO, Multi-Platform Group, iHeartMedia; Caroline Beasley, CEO, Beasley Media Group; Deb McDermott, CEO, Standard Media Group, LLC; and Jordan Wertlieb, President, Hearst Television.

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Take a Ride with Living Legend Jeff Smulyan at Forecast 2023

Award-winning industry expert Jeff Smulyan joins Forecast 2023 to share insights from his 50-year media career and debut his new book, Never Ride a Roller Coaster Upside Down.

As founder and CEO of Emmis Communications, the path to success has been anything but straight-forward for Jeff Smulyan. Join us on November 16 as Forecast 2023 MC Juliet Huddy sits down with Jeff to discuss his observations on the challenges and opportunities facing both radio and television, along with lessons he’s learned from decades of experience in both fields.

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The Wider World of Sports: Why Broadcasters Are Betting on Sports

From ponies to pigskins, big bets are being made on sports betting and sports-related opportunities by radio and television groups as the newest hot category continues to evolve and expand due to regulations increasingly relaxed over the past four years.

Forecast 2023 is pleased to announce that broadcast veteran and former CBS Radio CEO Dan Mason will sit down at this year’s summit for a conversation with Wayne Kimmel, Managing Partner of SeventySix Capital, a venture capital company that invests in startup sports betting, e-sports, and sports tech companies. In a fast-paced, far-reaching interview, they’ll cover a wide array of sports-related topics, including where various states stand on implementing sports betting, new revenue opportunities, and the companies poised to make all of this happen.

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Disruption: What Broadcast Can Learn From The Automotive Industry

Radio Ink and Radio + Television Business Report are proud to announce that Scott Painter, founder of Autonomy, will guest at Forecast 2023 in a keynote interview with iHeartMedia’s Greg Ashlock. Painter is a serial entrepreneur in the automotive space, having launched several innovative business models that have disrupted and transformed the automotive industry. Painter was an early adviser to Tesla, and also was the founder of In 2005, he founded TrueCar, changing how consumers purchase vehicles, and in 2016 he founded Fair, a used-vehicle subscription company. Fair pioneered the Car-as-a-Service (CaaS) category by offering affordable, convenient, and flexible car subscriptions.

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Forecast 2023 Agenda Is Live!

The agenda for Forecast 2023 is online. Click here to see the exciting 20th-anniversary lineup, and check back often for additions and updates.

Forecast 2023 Announces Wertlieb As TV Chair

New York, New York (June 30, 2022) – Broadcast media’s most prestigious leadership conference, Forecast 2023, which is celebrating 20 years, is pleased to announce this year’s TV Chair will be Jordan Wertlieb, President of Hearst Television. He joins Honorary Chair Bob Pittman, Chairman/CEO, iHeartMedia, and Radio Chair Greg Ashlock, CEO/Multiplatform Group, iHeartMedia.

“We are thrilled to have Jordan Wertlieb serve as TV Chair for this year’s conference,” says Deborah Parenti, President/Publisher, Radio Ink and Radio + Television Business Report. “He is tremendously admired and respected throughout the broadcast industry, and his insights will be of great benefit in shaping the 2023 Forecast agenda.”

Wertlieb says, “The past two years have been reaffirming for the broadcast industry as radio and television stations throughout the country continue to serve their local communities, providing news, information, entertainment, and the very best advertising proposition for businesses. Broadcasters are the first informers throughout the pandemic, shine a light on the issues of racial injustice and inequity, and bring transparency to geopolitical forces shaping our world.” Read more.

Forecast 2023 Announces 20th-Anniversary Celebration With Honorary Chair and Radio Chair Announcements

Broadcast media’s most prestigious leadership conference, Forecast 2023, celebrates 20 years and announces this year’s Honorary Chair, Bob Pittman, Chairman/CEO, iHeartMedia, and Radio Chair Greg Ashlock, CEO/Multiplatform Group, iHeartMedia. A TV Chair is expected to be announced shortly.

“This marks the 20th year of our annual gathering at the Harvard Club focusing at the top level on the trends, opportunities, challenges, and expectations that lie ahead for broadcasters,” said Deborah Parenti, President/Publisher, Radio Ink and Radio + Television Business Report. Read more.


Very informative conference, I took away great, fresh, new knowledge.

Jeanne-Marie Condo-BucknellSkyview Networks

Wow! Forecast was amazing. The content was spectacular! BRAVO!

Pierre BouvardCumulus Media/Westwood One

Congratulations on a well-executed event. Top to bottom the event was terrific.

Cathy CsukasAdLarge

This is a conference not to be missed.

Justin SassoColorado Broadcasters Association

Forecast 2022 was a great event. Seeing friends in person, gathering to hear industry influencers, and sharing ideas with colleagues felt wonderful! It was a slice of normalcy to the broadcast community that we’ve all missed since March of 2020.

Steve NewberryQuu

Forecast was terrific. The bracing realities broadcasters face were coupled with innovative strategies for growth and diversification. Forecast was thoughtfully structured to make each session valuable. Well done!

Steve JonesSkyview Networks

There was no session that I missed this year. It was one of the absolute best Radio Ink Forecast conferences that I’ve seen to date. They continue to get better every year.

Mike McVayMcVay Media

Here’s a link to a photo recap of previous Forecast conferences.