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The Wider World of Sports: Why Broadcasters Are Betting on Sports

By October 5, 2022Updates

Dan Mason-Wayne KimmelFrom ponies to pigskins, big bets are being made on sports betting and sports-related opportunities by radio and television groups as the newest hot category continues to evolve and expand due to regulations increasingly relaxed over the past four years.

Forecast 2023 is pleased to announce that broadcast veteran and former CBS Radio CEO Dan Mason will sit down at this year’s summit for a conversation with Wayne Kimmel, Managing Partner of SeventySix Capital, a venture capital company that invests in startup sports betting, e-sports, and sports tech companies. In a fast-paced, far-reaching interview, they’ll cover a wide array of sports-related topics, including where various states stand on implementing sports betting, new revenue opportunities that don’t involve traditional spot advertising, what’s next in the world of sports betting, and the companies poised to make all of this happen.

They’ll also discuss the evolution of e-sports, investment opportunities in sports betting companies, and the importance of building relationships with those companies and with local casinos. And Kimmel will share some fascinating glimpses of nail-biting, high-stakes business deals in which he’s been involved.

Kimmel says, “I am looking forward to sharing my thesis on how sports is now an asset class and why my team and I at SeventySix Capital are investing in the entrepreneurs who are creating innovative sports betting technology companies.”

Mason adds, “A discussion on sports betting is a big elephant to eat in a 45-minute session, but Wayne and I will highlight topics that will help those in the audience walk away with a solid understanding of what is around the corner.”

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